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ERP Gateway Module for CI Precision’s MES Solution

CI Precision, global supplier of MES and weight sorting solutions, announces the release of version 2 of their ERP Gateway module. The module provides the basis for seamless integration between the Ci-DMS manufacturing execution system (MES) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

The ERP Gateway module uses web services for information exchange. Web Services is the latest technology for cross-platform application and data integration with the additional benefits of versatility, re-usability and reduced implementation costs.

The Ci-DMS manufacturing execution system is specifically designed for use in the pharmaceutical industry. With installations across four continents, the original Ci-DMS weigh & dispense functionality has evolved on a modular basis to offer solutions throughout manufacturing and packaging operations.

The ERP Gateway module supports the transfer of resource, stock, material movement and process order information from ERP to Ci-DMS and the transfer of material consumption/movement and process order status from Ci-DMS to the ERP. Secure access to Ci-DMS data is also available. This is mainly used for external enquiries and reporting.

Reducing Costs

The Ci-DMS ERP Gateway module is a commercial off the shelf (COTS) GAMP category 4 application. Extensive configurability combined with the flexibility of web services ensures that no bespoke software modifications are required. This vastly reduces project costs and implementation time.

The module has been validated to GAMP 5 standards and is currently in use in multiple sites in the UK, Europe and America.

SAP is the principal end user ERP system, but a key benefit of web services technology is that it is application-independent. The Gateway module is therefore validated for use with other ERP systems with no modifications required.

For more information about CI Precision’s Ci-DMS MES suite please telephone +44 (0)1722 424100 or e-mail

ERP Gateway Module for CI Precision’s MES Solution

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