WS Applications


CI SADE SP weight sorters are designed for use in pharmaceutical production, quality control and research & development departments for the accurate weight sorting of batches of tablets and capsules. Each item is individually weighed and sorted into accept and reject categories.

Production and Manufacturing

Batch Reclamation

Batches of tablets or capsules that have been rejected on a weight sampling test often contain a high percentage of weight acceptable product. The SADE SP unit is the perfect reclamation tool as it weighs each item and rejects any out of weight item leaving you with the 'good' product.

    • Saves valuable product that may otherwise be discarded
    • Minimises waste and the costs associated with that waste
    • SADE SP pays for itself in a short time

Batch Recovery

There are significant savings to be made by recovering product made during the 'run-in' and 'run-out' phase of a tablet press or capsule filler. This product is often discarded but using the SADE SP you can save this product and maximise profits.

Quality Control

100% weight sorting of certain products provides complete quality assurance.

Research and Development - Clinical Trials

Offering high accuracy, the SADE SP units are ideal for the 100% weight sorting of clinical trial and development batches.

  • Ensures consistency of weight needed for clinial trial batches
  • Checks overencapsulation
  • Saves manual weight checking