RB Chartres installs Ci-DMS MES in the Personal Care facility
Eindhoven University of Technology recommend CI Microbalances

Eindhoven University of Technology recommend CI Microbalances

The Chemical Process Intensification group in the department of Chemical Engineering and...

Recording Microbalances

CI Precision is a world leader in microbalance technology, supplying its versatile microbalance systems in kit form allowing researchers to construct specialist analytical equipment or as OEM equipment for use by manufacturers of gravimetric analytical instruments.

At the heart of our system is the CI MK2-M5 recording microbalance.

A force restoration, full beam, electronic microbalance.

Precision engineered for strength and accuracy

  • high capacity 5g load
  • 0.1µg readability
  • wide dynamic range of +/-500mg
  • gold plated balance arms and PTFE coating for corrosion resistance

The CI MK2-M5 weigh head provides outstanding peformance with long term stability.

It is capable of use in high vacuum, high temperature and high pressure systems.

See our Product pages for more details of our standard components and kits.

But please contact CI Precision if you have a special application.

One of our weighing system specialists will be able to advise you on the most suitable equipment for your application.