RM What Sets Us Apart

What sets us apart

CI Precision, a world leader in microbalance technology, now supplies its versatile microbalance systems in kit form to allow researchers to make considerable savings when constructing specialist analytical equipment. Using CI's components can reduce the expenditure by around one-half, without compromising accuracy and maintaining high standards of reliability, service and support.

CI Precision believes that its microbalance system delivers performance levels that are at least equivalent to those of competitive systems typically costing twice as much. The CI microbalance head has a 5 gram capacity with a resolution of 0.1 microgram, and it is suitable for use in vacuums down to 10-6torr. The microbalances have low uptake of gases and vapours and excellent corrosion resistance. To complement the microbalance head, most customers purchase CI's DISBAL control unit that incorporates a digital data display, serial interface, analogue output, +/-500mg electrical range and a port for a type J, K, N or R thermocouple.

Alongside the top-quality components, assemblies and software, CI also provides the high level of technical support and advice, gained from many years experience, that is sometimes necessary when building custom analytical instruments. Customers can therefore be sure that they will achieve the performance they require, with ongoing backup and a swift response should the need arise in the future.