Group Profile

Group Profile

CI Precision is the new trading name for CI Electronics Ltd and its sister company CI Systems Ltd.

We are a privately owned manufacturer of precision instruments and systems for use in quality assurance and research applications. Our customers include pharmaceutical manufacturers and research establishments, food manufacturers, industrial companies, universities and other research organisations.

CI Electronics was originally founded in 1965 to manufacture one of the world's first precision electronic microbalances for research applications. We rapidly moved into other markets including the diamond and pharmaceutical industries. During the mid 1970s CI Systems was established to concentrate on software development for the group.

CI Precision is now represented in many countries around the world with well over half of our annual output going overseas. CI Precision has a strong technical team and we design, develop and manufacture all of our own products.

Our areas of expertise include high precision weighing & handling, software design, electronic design and the provision of GMP solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing applications. All of our design and implementation processes are closely controlled and we have particular expertise in the whole area of system validation.

Our product range includes:

Weight sorting equipment

for precison sorting and checkweighing of tablets, capsules and other small high value items

Quality monitoring instruments and systems

including check weighers, hardness testers and software systems for monitoring compliance in the production area

Manufacturing Execution Systems

to ensure compliance in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging processes

Recording microbalances

microbalances and ancilliary equipment for monitoring weight change in environmental conditions

Custom solutions

special high accuracy weighing and sorting systems,

Automated Sorption Analysers

for the precise gravimetric measurement of water adsorption and desorption isotherms