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Actavis Italy Implements Weigh & Dispense MES Module

Actavis Italy, the well-known manufacturer of high quality generic products, selected established brands and innovative products, acquired a production plant in Nerviano. It is here that Actavis manufactures a range of oncological products.

As part of a programme to enhance its software systems, Actavis has installed the weigh & dispense module of the Ci-DMS Manufacturing Execution System (MES) from UK-based CI Precision. This was the second system installed by CI Precision in Italy, and the third to be supplied to Actavis and was delivered on time and within budget including some amendments to control dispensing of toxic actives within isolators.

The toxic actives are dispensed in a dedicated dispensary room containing three isolators, each with one or two balances. The bulk excipients and non-toxic actives are dispensed in a second dispensary room with a standard laminar air flow (LAF) booth containing three balances. For the toxic actives, Ci-DMS selects the isolator according to the material to be dispensed, and the balance is selected to suit the quantity being dispensed. All of the actives, both toxic and nontoxic, are potent, so Ci-DMS also adjusts the target quantity based on the lot potency. This functionality was not present in the previous system.

Ci-DMS has been well received by Actavis staff with operators reporting that it is easier to use and more flexible and powerful than the system it replaced.

Andrea Comastri, the Actavis Italy IT Manager and Project Manager for the Ci-DMS implementation, comments:

“Ci-DMS works well and the operators find it easy to use, so we are very satisfied with the system!”

CI Precision is experienced in developing interfaces with a number of different ERP systems and a key element of the overall project was the two-way interface with the JD Edwards OneWorld ERP system used by Actavis Italy. Ci-DMS is hosted on an on-site server while the JDE serverĀ  is located in the USA, yet communications between the two systems are seamless. Ci-DMS receives items, lots and orders from the JDE OneWorld system and returns dispensed and ‘pallet complete’ transactions to ensure that the stock records remain accurate.

Actavis showed confidence in CI Precision by choosing to install Ci-DMS and the ERP system concurrently. The installation and commissioning of Ci-DMS and the JDE OneWorld interface ran extremely smoothly. CI Precision had staff on site for the configuration and administrator training, and also undertook the IQ (installation qualification). Whilst Actavis was responsible for the OQ (operational qualification) and PQ (performance qualification) staff from CI Precision witnessed these procedures.

Andrea Comastri further comments:

“The outstanding aspect of this project is the exceptional quality of the people from CI Precision. They were flexible during the installation, always willing to make configuration changes if an issue arose, and the technical support has consistently been of the highest standard. We have developed a very strong working relationship with the people from CI Precision, so now they feel more like friends than suppliers!”

For more information about CI Precision’s Ci-DMS MES suite please telephone +44 (0)1722 424100 or e-mail

Actavis Italy Implements Weigh & Dispense MES Module

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