10 ways to save money using checkweighing

Delivering consistent quality products is essential to protect your brand and your bottom line.  A checkweigher weighs every product, it sorts and rejects products that are off-spec, which helps you meet throughput and legal requirements while providing reliable weight control.

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SADE SP Series weight sorters and checkweighers

Making Better Use of Limited Resources

An accurate checkweigher will ensure tighter production tolerances that will yield less waste and enable more final products to be produced from the same amount of inventory. Raw materials can be very expensive, and a checkweigher should be an integral part of an overall programme to make the most of existing resources.

Ensuring Uniformity in Clinical Trials

For clinical trials the exact weight of every tablet or capsule has to be tested. A weight sorter can verify the compliance of the trial process and reliability of the data.

SADE SP Series weight sorters and checkweighers

Avoid Costly Fines and Tarnished Brand

One of the main reasons for using a checkweigher is to ensure compliance with government regulations and industry standards. 100 % weight inspection should be an integral part of a coordinated quality and process control programme – and use of a checkweigher also means that information previously collected manually can now be automatically collected in a fraction of the time.

Failed Batch Recovery

If a faulty batch is detected a weight sorter can recover all the weight acceptable products that may otherwise need to be discarded.

Weight Sorting

Press Run-In/Run-Out

There are considerable savings to be made from sorting valuable product made at the start and finish of batch production during the press run-in and run-out.

Guaranteeing Consistency

Over-encapsulation involves putting a product into a capsule to disguise the product being trialled. A weight sorter can be used to check that a capsule has been filled with a tablet by checking its weight.

Supporting validation
SADE SP Series weight sorters and checkweighers

Problematic to Manufacture

Some products are just prone to weight variation such as a triple layer tablet and therefore needs to be 100% weight checked to ensure quality.

Export Market Expectations

Protect your export markets with 100% checkweighing. Some markets have high quality expectations or regulatory control.

SADE SP Series weight sorters and checkweighers
R&D Formulation

R&D Formulation

Use of static scales for manual weight checking can be slow, laborious and error-prone. In contrast, with a weight sorter every item is checked automatically in a rapid, reliable and unattended process.

Contract Work

Contract customers require 100% quality assurance to uphold their reputation. Powerful and positive product branding gives the end consumer a strong assurance of safety and quality and is frequently responsible for driving repeat purchases. For these reasons, a contract manufacturer’s responsibility is not only related to the protection of the end consumer but also to the brand and reputation of his customer.


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